Urban Wine Club Affiliate
How To

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PLEASE ALLOW LOCATION WHEN USING THE APP! The core functions of our app are based on location, so without it you will lose important app functionality. We do not store or use any location data other than to direct you to points of interest based on your proximity.

Also, please allow notifications to more easily know if anyone messages you or if we have any event, incentive, deal, discount, or any other useful piece of info we send out to everyone.


The Events section features a chronological list of events. Each event features info, description, contact links, live Google map, and instant access to purchase tickets (if applicable).

Events are displayed by category. By default, All (every event) is shown, and then you can select any category you like to display only events in that category.

The Map Icon at the lower right will take you to a live map showing events in relation to your location at that moment. This is useful to see what is going on around you no matter where you are when you open the app.

On the upper right corner of each event listing, you will see an icon to share the event, a bookmark icon to save the event to your Favorites, and a + icon to add the event to your device's calendar.

Near Me

The Near Me section shows every Point of Interest - Events, Retail, and Bar/Dining - in relation to your location. By default, All is listed first, and then you can select any category to see only those Points of Interest.

On the lower right is a Map Icon that will display whatever you're looking at on a live interactive map. If you are in All, you will see everything on the map - map icon for Bar/Dining, purple flags for events, and red stars for retail establishments. If you are in any specific category and click the map icon, you will only see that category listed on the map.

On the upper right corner of each POI listing, you will see an icon to share the event and a bookmark icon to save the event to your Favorites.

Each listing has imagery, full info, description, contact links, and a zoomed-in interactive map.


The Gallery section is a standard photo gallery. You can view each picture, share the picture, or save it to your Favorites.


The Blog section is where we post anything and everything. Wine trends, recommendations, funny memes, videos - whatever we feel is interesting to the community.

At the bottom of each blog, you can find icons to increase or decrease text size, post a comment, share the post, or save it to your Favorites.

The Blog is broken up by categories with the Wine category being shown by default.


The Podcast section has a list of our podcast episodes, as well as links to all the major podcast platforms so you can listen on any service you prefer, as well as subscribe.

We also have a list of shareable buttons so you can easily share the podcast in any way you would like, from sms and email to all the major social media.


The Members section shows all the Members who registered and created a profile on the app. It is broken down by Recent logins, Nearby (which shows if any members are within your vicinity), and All. You must be logged in with the app open to be shown in the Nearby category. This is useful for events to see who is in attendance or which places are popular with our members.

If you tap on any members Profile, you will see their full profile and from there have the ability to send a chat message.


The Chat section is pretty much exactly that - a chat system where you can send messages to other members. In your Profile section, you can set your account to not show up for contact in the chat.


The Forum is a free-for-all and anonymous way to post any question or comment to the entire community. You can use your name or an alias, and post a short message for all to see and respond to.


The Account section is where all of your personal stuff lives.

My Profile is where you can create your Profile, add a picture, tell the community a little about yourself, and add any of your social media links. You can also find any gifts you’ve earned here as messages and conversations with other members. By clicking on the Gear icon next to your profile picture, you can set whether or not you can be contacted in Chat, change your password, and you can logout of your account or even delete your account.

Favorites is where all of your favorites are stored. Throughout the app you will find a bookmark icon and when you select that it will save that piece of content to your favorites.

Loyalty Card is where you can earn deals, discounts, freebies, whatever we are offering at the moment. By performing tasks such as sharing the app to your social media, you earn points and when you reach the threshold, we will give you a free gift.

Post is where you can post a picture, video, or a message to the app and we will post to the appropriate sections. If you are attending a great wine event, post a picture. You and your friends enjoying a glass of great wine, post a video. Have some interesting info, post a text to us.

Post Event is where anyone having a wine-related event can add it to our event listings.

Post Biz is where anyone can post a wine-related business to our listings.

Search is simply where you can enter a keyword to find a relevant piece of content.


The Settings section is where you can set some preferences, contact us, delete your cache, or recommend the application.